Hi jennifer!
Mia told me last night her tummy feels absolutely fabulous. She had 2 poops yesterday, both normal and solid. It’s truly astounding that physicians do not receive any formal training in nutrition in order to become a doctor. Mia’s Ped didn’t even suggest a nutritionist or food sensitivity test, was just going to have us go to a GI and put her through a test to determine what is clearly evident by the state of her poop. Ok end rant… Anyway, so glad to have your help!
— Liz Ryder
I have had a wonderful tummy for the last 5 days. Today for some reason I had some bloating. I will have to think back if I took a nibble of something today or maybe it is that I have had sweet potatoes 3 times this week.
But over all things are going much better. It is funny how feeling good creeps up on you. One day I just thought huh, I haven’t had a headache or gas in days. Yippeee.
Thanks again,
— Shannyn Steel
Hi Jennifer,
I just wanted to follow up with you. I had my blood work done in a couple of months ago, and had to share the results with you after about 8 months of taking the supplements you recommended. In December of 2011, my TSH was 4.305, and on January 31, 2013, it was 2.470! Thank you so very much for the great advice/information!
— Rae Timme
Jennifer, I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that your advice, vitamins, etc have worked out well. I have lost the weight that I wanted to and will look great at my son’s wedding on April 24 in Hawaii.
Prajna Nutrition was able to help me figure out why I had so much trouble with digesting foods! Jen guided me through my results of the LEAP test and gave me a realistic eating plan that has kept me healthy and feeling great ever since. I have a better understanding of how the body reacts to what I consume and any questions I ever have about supplements, health issues or exercise, she is able to answer completely!
I never feel better than when I follow the advice I received from Jen at Prajna Holistic Nutrition. She makes it so easy to do what’s right for your body and the results are wonderful.
I was finally ready to commit to a healthier diet and weight loss, and Prajna Nutrition gave me exactly what I needed to succeed. The combination of whole foods and calorie counts (including handy lists of 50 and 100 cal foods), plus wonderful weekly recipes and a user-friendly journal, really helped me kick some creeping bad habits and jump start my way back to weight loss and healthy eating. Jennifer answered questions I’d had for a long time such as how to maintain my program on a rigorous work out schedule. She is very knowledgeable. A great program!
Prajna Nutrition takes a fresh approach to the age old problem of weight control and digestive issues. They provide a reasonable, “doable” program that really works! And they are nice, accommodating and understanding to your individual needs. I would highly recommend them!
Jennifer has great energy and enthusiasm for her work. She relates well to people and helps them take realistic steps to improving their health through holistic nutrition therapy. She is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to motivate people to make positive changes. I highly recommend Pranja Holistic Nutrition!
Jennifer helped me get over my reflux disease and off my medications in four weeks! It was absolutely amazing! I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Prajna has changed my outlook on food. With the help of Prajna Nutrition I’ve increased my athletic performance, lost weight, and I’m feeling better than I ever have without starving myself or feeling like I’m giving in with food. Jennifer has an uplifting outlook on food and has proved that she can help almost any issue with countless clients. Best nutritionist in Boulder!
I’ve been working with Jennifer for about a year now and she’s helped me totally change my life. She helped me find natural ways to remedy chronic health issues. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been. I’ve recommended her to family and friends and her approach is universally effective.
Jennifer did a blood test for me and found out things that my physician couldn’t… she taught me what supplements to take and what to eat and now I’m feeling healthier, happier and more energized than I ever have
Prajna takes a very supportive and educational approach to nutrition. Self empowerment and education about the body make this approach an effective and worthwhile one. I would definitely recommend Prajna nutrition to friends and family.
How nice it feels to have someone say “You’ve really lost some weight” ! Prajna totally has it down with their vast knowledge of getting to the core of your person nutritional issues and developing a plan that really works. Thanks you guys!
Jennifer’s wealth of knowledge of nutrition is amazing!