“Prajna Nutrition takes a fresh approach to the age-old problem of weight control and digestive issues. She provides a reasonable; “doable” program that really works! And she are nice, accommodating, and understanding to your individual needs. I would highly recommend her.” -Brent

Update 2013: Brent is currently Training for several 100+ mile bike rides this year and to reach his healthiest state by his 60th Birthday! We are continuing to work with him while he reaches his goals.


In July of 2012, 16 year-old Chase came to Prajna Nutrition wishing to lose weight, increase energy and improve his concentration in school. Six months later and 60 pounds lighter, Chase excels in football, skiing and school. Chase’s dedication to Prajna Nutrition’s holistic protocol, consisting of weekly menus that followed his LEAP Food Sensitivity Test, has made him an inspiration for other adults and Kids in the Vail Valley.

Update 2013: Currently Chase is enrolled in College and taking Undergraduate classes in Health to increase his knowledge and share with others.


“I’ve been working with Jennifer for about a year now and she’s helped me totally change my life. She inspired me to find natural solutions to remedy my chronic health issues. I’m healthier now than I have ever been! I have recommended her to my family and friends, who have all had great success now. Her approach in universally effective and I credit my life change to her” –Kim

Update 2013: Kim has taken her life into her own hands, she continues to provide me with updates. Her health continued to improve after taking the iniative to step out on her own after over a year and a half of working together. She Went from a size 16 to a size 6 with the help of a diet change, the LEAP test and a complete work out plan.