Jennifer Tingstad began her practice after completing multiple degrees from Seattle Pacific University, Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in Boulder CO, Blood Chemistry Analysis and the LEAP Foods Sensitivity (CLT) Training. Her love for clean eating and passion for health drove her to begin studying health well before entering school.

She has been inspired through her own trials and tribulations, dealing with a Autoimmune condition, to help those with a need to regain control of their health. After being diagnosed with Celiac and Interstitial Cystitis in college she sought help from multiple sources (Western, Eastern, TCM, you name it!) but it wasn't until a doctor diagnosed and told her "Good luck" that she decided to go back to school and figure it out herself that she finally figured it out and went into remission.  Jennifer works as diligently as possible to be the most effective in an appropriate amount of time. "I believe in getting you on the right track as quickly and as cost effective as possible, then I am here to support you as you need".

Jennifer has created a loving business that caters to everyone ranging from professional athletes and those who struggle to lose weight, to hormone balancing in both men and women, or children with digestive issues and ADHD. She takes into account the needs of each client, focusing on biochemical individuality. Prajna Nutrition strives for long term success.